Module 2 – Gynarchy

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Definition of Gynarchy Gynarchy is a form of social organization where women hold the dominant power and authority over men. It is an alternative model to the patriarchal society that has been prevalent throughout history. In gynarchic societies, women are the...

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Examples of Gynarchic Societies in Modern Times There are relatively few examples of gynarchic societies in modern times because most countries are still under patriarchal rule. However, there are some cultures where women have more rights than men and are seen as...

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Women's Empowerment and Leadership Roles in Various Fields The future of Gynarchy is looking bright, thanks to the increasing number of women empowered to take on leadership roles across various fields. In the past, women were often dismissed and overlooked in...

🧑‍🏫 Book to Read

The Society (Femdom Gynarchy)

by Ava Paulson (Author) 

“We select men who we feel should be given the opportunity to become an “initiate,” which means that they have an association with, but will never be a member of the Society. Some, like you, will be referred to as an “intended,” meaning that you are to be seen as the property of a single woman. That means you are mine,” she explained with a wink. “Once a man becomes an intended,” Kat explained, “he is to regard himself as the property of the woman to whom he is aligned. She takes on the responsibility of training him, but she is under no obligation to keep him. Rather, it is up to him to continually make himself worthy of being kept. His obedience, his devotion to her, his ability to please her, and ultimately, her satisfaction with him in general will all be taken into account in determining if he will be allowed to continue as her intended.”
Matthew felt as though he might be floating. He was experiencing a mix of unfamiliar emotions, none of which even seemed to have a name. He was fascinated with her, but maybe 
entrancedwas a better descriptor. He was afraid of her, yet he would have felt it impossible to turn away. He was aroused in a way that he had never experienced. Pressed to explain, he might have likened it to how one might feel if, during an automobile accident, you and your female companion were thrown through the windshield of the car, and she turned to you in mid-flight and began having sex with you. Not that any of that even slightly made sense to him.
“There are many versions of what we have created, communities that are populated by like-minded people who believe in the inherent supremacy of the female,” Kat continued. “We acknowledge and celebrate every incarnation of this ideology. We, however, are unique in that we are also committed sadists. Observation of the male in a submissive position while enduring pain is a particular pleasure we enjoy.” She paused, thinking. “The word ‘enjoy’ is, perhaps, not correct in this instance, since it is with a profound pleasure that we revel in the dynamic of a man wrestling with his own self-control while enduring the torture we provide. And we are very generous,” she added, a devious twinkle in her eyes.