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Register to Gynarchic Academy

Welcome to your application for gynarchic.com’s enriching, year-long flagship program.

If you are not open to personal growth, self-discovery, or expanding your horizons, then perhaps this academy may not align with your current pursuits. At Slave Selection Academy, we promote progressive learning, enabling our members to delve deep into multifaceted aspects of their persona.

Numerous members have shared their enlightening journey with us, expressing how our courses have enhanced their self-confidence, deepened their understanding of personal and interpersonal dynamics, and unlocked their potential for wellbeing and success. This newfound knowledge often leads to a stronger bond with their intrinsic values and aspirations. While we encourage our members to evolve at a pace that feels right for them, our objective is to help everyone realize that ongoing personal development is the key to a fulfilling life.

Remember, this is your journey, and you are in control. Should you ever feel unsure or overwhelmed, you have the freedom to take a step back at any time.

As you journey further along this path, you’ll discover numerous opportunities awaiting you. Be it enhancing your existing relationships, finding a new, compatible partner, or simply evolving into a more confident and self-aware individual.

We warmly welcome you to take the first step on this empowering journey with us.

Kind regards,
The Gynarchic Academy Enrollment Team of 2023

Register here for Slave Selection if you do not yet have an account.
Master the slave mindset, and change your habits once and for all using state-of-the-art conditioning techniques. slave mindset
Explore your sexuality and nurture your submissive wild side. Get addicted to female led relationship and enjoy frequent ruined orgasms while locked in chastity. female led relationship


  • I am 18+ years old.
  • I want to apply for the Academy.
  • I understand I might not be able to resist the Academy conditioning
  • I am willing to take the slight risk of getting collared and ending up living as a slave in a FLR, a decision I then might not be able to take back.
  • I ensure I am sane, of good physical and mental health and happily consent to the Academy doing with me as they wish in order to satiate my curiosity and have a chance for the best sex ever.
  • This also means I accept any risks and side effects from mind control and I allow my mind to be brainwashed by a dominant lady, in case I choose to progress in the Academy to such a point that I am no longer aware of my own will, which I know might very well be sooner than I think.
  • I consent to receive NSFW content on my emails
  • I acknowledge my training will be monitored by  teachers throughout my progress
  • I will follow all Academy rules and accept any corrective punishment given for any reason at any time