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Subscription confirmation

Your email has been confirmed and your application is currently under review.

What now?

Your application is under review and approval may take up to 14 days.

Can you expedite the process? I am eager to start my schooling.
Slave Selection gynarchic members are prioritized. If you are already a Gynarchic member, please ensure that your Academy email address and your Slave Selection Dating app email address are the same. If not, you can register or upgrade your account here.

You can ask for an immediate interview on Mistress Caroline loyal fans: https://www.loyalfans.com/misscarolineno

What can I do in the meantime?

  1. It’s a MUST to apply email filters: Set @slave-selection.com as important and ensure it never goes to spam.
  2. You MUST read the Gynarchic Academy information.
  3. Be patient. If you don’t receive any communication in 14 days, please write to us.
  4. If you’re not yet a Slave Selection Member, Join Us.

What happens when I get accepted?

  1. You will gain access to Course 1 – Foundations.
  2. We start slowly in the beginning, just exploring your submissive side.
  3. We will start sending you course materials and lectures according to a schedule.
  4. REMEMBER! Your progress is monitored along the way by Mistresses.

What happens if your application is rejected?

Your application can be rejected for various reasons:

  1. Duplicate application.
  2. You were previously enrolled and then unsubscribed.